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Are you ready to unpack the gift you've been given? Think of it more like a RESOURCE. With a Devoted Outlet monthly subscription, our aim is to be a resource for you to be REconnected to a SOURCE that provides you with cool products, as many answers and as much direction as possible, and a network of amazing Christians to cheer you on in your pursuit of exalting Jesus Christ!

Your Monthly Cost FREE $99 $139
One exclusive unlocked video per month
Book recommendation
5% discount code
10% discount code
20% discount code
Must watch video recommendation
Custom sticker
Prayed over word of encouragement for you
QR code linking back to in-depth discussion on the topic of the month. video | article | podcast
Talking points for the month. Some of the challenges we see with the worlds perspective, and how to overcome them.
Bracelete & Shoe Laces
Early bird news, announcements, teasers
Access to exclusive designs not available for purchase on the main site.
Exclusive opportunity to vote on new designs
Exclusive opportunity to vote on next months topic
Phone Case
Joggers & hoodie (November thru March)
Access to the official Devoted Outlet UNBOXED Facebook group where you can share testimonies, be equipped, find ministry opportunities, network, etc.
**Note 1: If the topic for the month is "The Gospel", the QR code may direct you back to someone on the team that teaches you how to preach the gospel, along with scriptures that you can utilize in the process of having a conversation with someone.
**Note 2: The whole idea is for us to provoke one another onward in sharing our faith. The Devoted community is committed to helping you do just that. If you don't wear hats, just like our faith, give it away to someone who needs it. Be a giver, God loves a cheerful giver. Plus, the scriptures tell us that our gifts make way for us. :)
**Note 3: You will never receive the same item back to back; If you received a hat last month, you'll receive a t-shirt the next month.
**Note 4: The t-shirt you receive will not be available for public purchase for 1 month.
**Note 5: Everything listed above (prices & features) subject to change at anytime per Devoted Outlet with a 30-day notice to subscribers. 

Devoted Outlet Network

By committing to an "Unboxed" monthly subscription, Devoted Outlet is going to help you use your gifts for God!

We don't have all the answers, so we want to see all Christians rally around the idea of sharing our faith in these unprecedented times. Having said that, we believe the DEVOTED community will become an indispensable resource of testimonies, examples of how to overcome objections to the faith, words of encouragement that we can lean on in difficult times, and wisdom to help us all navigate this beautiful but fleeting life.

If you want to be a part of something bigger than any of us, partner with us today with a Devoted Outlet "UNBOXED" Monthly Subscription that will consistently inspire you, RE-connect you to the SOURCE - God, and keep your closet fresh! 

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