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60 TikTok Conspiracy Theories Heard Round The World In 2020

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Posted on September 23 2020

60 Explosive Conspiracy Theories Christians Need To Know About From 2020

NSFW - We want to start off by saying that this is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN.

What you are about to read is very likely one of the most provocative pieces that you've read in a long time. Anger, outbursts, frustration and anxiety is not the aim with this blog. 

It is my belief that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, is the ONLY One who can save to the uttermost (Hebrews 7:25).

That being said, if these conspiracy theories are in fact true, they further reveal just how important it is for the Christian to preach the gospel and highlight the power brought to mankind through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

At the time of writing this, I am not suicidal, and I have taken measures to ensure that my whereabouts are not disclosed as I believe these topics to be some of the most retaliation-inviting topics that can be discussed; I'm certain that once you read them you will understand why.

My prayer is that you, Christian, will recognize that you possess the light that holds back the darkness. We have several different items on our website that we hope you will begin using to share that light with the world!

And finally, before we begin, I want to emphasize that I believe the rescue of the kiddos discussed in this piece are of the utmost importance.


1.) Pizza Gate - This is a really big one. This one claims that there is an elite pedophile ring in Washington, DC. It is understood that one of the places where these people gather to engage in salacious activity is in the basement of a pizza restaurant called "Comet Pizza".

The Pizzagate conspiracy gained popularity during the 2016 election when John Podesta's emails were leaked. Scattered throughout the emails was verbiage that seemed to indicate that his circle of friends loved pizza, as well as a few select other foods.

The problem is that many of the sentences/emails/phrases made no sense to the common eye, until someone began comparing the words in the emails to the FBI documents that clarified the terminology used by pedophiles.

As soon as that research began, the internet went crazy because the emails made perfect sense. As would follow, people began to research the social media accounts of the people mentioned in the emails. One in particular was the owner of Comet Pizza who went by the name @JimmyComet on Instagram. It was at this point that things got really strange. Many of the people emailing back and forth with Podesta were publicly posting very inappropriate images of children, satanic worship rituals, etc. There is a ton of video and screen grabs that have been collected as a result.

Be warned, if you go looking for the info, be mentally prepared, and don't use Google because the information is being blocked on that search engine. My recommendation is to watch the video linked above, it will explain a great deal of this.

Remember the FBI terms from the image below when reading through the rest of this conspiracy theory blog, specifically when you see the artwork Justin Bieber posted for his "Yummy" video that we address below in conspiracy #5; The imagery for the song release was the word yummy in the format of a melting pizza (which is also on his instagram account).


Confirmed FBIPedophile Code Words Conspiracy

2.) Hillary Clinton Emails - People couldn't help but wonder why Hillary would delete 33,000 emails... and then WikiLeaks dropped the John Podesta emails. John Podesta is a very high level Democrat: He was the White House Chief of staff for Bill Clinton, and the Chairman for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign. Could the reason Clinton deleted 33,000 emails be because her team had an interest in keeping their secrets secret? 

John Podesta's leaked emails included some very strange things including an email where one individual hoped to sacrifice a chicken to moloch at an event later that night (If you don't know who Moloch is, look it up; He was a god that required child sacrifices in the Old Testament.)

Below you can see where the owner of Comet Ping Pong posted a random photo on his Instagram with the hashtag #ChickenLover along with what appears to be anal beads around his neck. When asked, his explanation was that these were just pictures of family friends and their children, friends who declined to take questions according to James Alefantis (i.e. JimmyComet).

By the way, the image he chose to use for his profile is of a bust of Antinous, the boy lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

Comet Ping Pong Owner JimmyComet Instagram Post

3.) Wayfair - There were cabinets being sold on the wayfair site for over $10,000. The cabinets were not unique, and any reasonable person would understand that the prices were outrageous. The internet exploded when they realized that the titles of the listed items were the names of missing people. Wayfair was eventually forced to make a public statement.

4.) Adrenochrome - There are celebrities that attempt to stay young by extracting and injesting adrenochrome from terrified children. This was specifically heightened when video resurfaced of Ellen humorously asking Sandra Bullock about injecting her face with the blood of a baby boys penis. This has also been mentioned in Monsters Inc, the television show Gotham, as well as many other places in film. There are too many for us to list here... you won't be at a loss for information if you jump into this rabbit hole. 

5.) Justin Bieber's "Yummy" Video - It is said that Justin was exposing the pedophile ring in the music industry when he released this video.

In the video Justin walks through a restaurant kitchen with his hood on. Upon entering the dinning area, you notice a girl in a red dress on stage performing (for all of the very rich people in the room). Justin then sits down to eat. The food on the plates look disgusting; Not like anything you would ever want to eat, not appetizing by any stretch of the imagination.

It is said that the man to the side of Justin looks eerily similar to John Podesta. Furthermore, the waiter in the video is said to look exactly like the man that discovered and signed Justin to his first music deal - L.A. Reid.

Towards the end of the video, the camera pulls back and you see the red dress the young girl in the beginning of the video was wearing draped over a chair. The thought was that the wealthy people at the dinner had just eaten the young girl.

At the end of the video, the camera shows a piece of cake on Justins plate. When the cake is removed, there is a pictured of Justin when he first came into the music industry with the worlds "Yummy" underneath his photo.

During this video, Justin's lyrics are simply "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy". A couple of days after Justin released the video, he posted a junk ton of random baby photos (not of himself) on his instagram with the hashtag "yummy" beginning on January 6th, 2020.

Justin Bieber exposes pedophile ring in Yummy song conspiracy theory
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6.) Epstein Island - If you don't know who Jeffrey Epstein is, my friend, we have a lot to talk about. Epstein had a private island where his elite friends could go and do terrible things to underage boys and girls. This story has been around for decades. Donald Trump even called Epstein island a cesspool in 2015 prior to being in the presidential race of 2016. 

7.) Clinton Blue Dress - One of the strange things about the whole Epstein thing, when the FBI raided Epstein's island, they found a painting of Bill Clinton lounging on chair with a blue dress on... very similar to the one in the Monica Lewinsky case. They also found a painting of George Bush sitting indian-style tossing paper airplanes at building blocks with a very child-like look on his face. The paintings have been dismissed as simple art from an artist that Epstein liked, nevertheless he had them, Epstein was friends with Bill and Bush, and allegations have been made.  At a minimum, the paintings reveal very poor taste on Epstein's part. 

conspiracy about Bill Clinton in blue dress from a painting at Jeffrey Epstein's island

8.) Tom Hanks SRC/USA - Tom Hanks was targeted earlier in the year by some people that noticed Tom Hanks had been posting images of gloves, shoes, socks, etc. on his Instagram account. The images were always of one half of a pair.

Tom would make the point to acknowledge that one the items was missing. Upon further inspection of one of the photos, the letters SRC/USA seemed to be painted on the street next to one of the gloves.

After researching the letters, no one could find those letters being used in any format (or rearrangement of the letters) for construction work. What one guy did find is that when you type SRC/USA into Yandex (Russia's version of google), a whole bunch of inappropriate images come up of children.

The point people make with this conspiracy theory is that Hollywood is brazen in their presentation of what they do behind the scenes. 

9.) The Anthony Weiner File - This one is about the rising Democrat star, the mayoral-candidate from New York, that was arrested and sent to prison for sexting an underage girl.

Essentially, there was a file on Anthony Weiner's laptop that was labeled "Insurance policy". It is said that eleven NY PD officers have seen the videos in the file, and that they immediately went to throw up because of how heinous the footage was... allegedly because the videos have something to do with the abuse of children and people high up in government?

Keep in mind, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner's former wife, was the personal assistant to Hillary Clinton.

I'm sure you may be thinking to yourself, if there is a file, why haven't they done anything? Well, I'll just throw out a freebie-conspiracy theory for you real quick... 

The thought is that they are, but it's a process. If you'll recall, back in July, a big story came out that Trump had fired the Attorney General of the Souther District of NY. The former AG was responsible for Jeffrey Epstein's case, The investigation into the Clinton Foundations Uranium One relationship, the Anthony Weiner LAPTOP, and the Gishlane Maxwell case.

At the beginning of August, Gishlane was arrested per a warrant put forth by the new Attorney General of the Southern District of NY. The idea here is that the former AG was sitting on evidence, and the new one is moving with God-speed. 

And if you think the story dies there, you'd be very wrong. As recently as a couple of months ago, the attorney representing General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, called for the Anthony Weiner laptop file to be looked into in a speech that aired on live television. 

10.) Timothy Charles Holmseth's YouTube Channel - Makes the claim that there is a catholic church in DC that sells babies for rituals

11.) Corey Feldman - Child Hollywood star suggests on live stream that his friend Corey Haimes was raped as a child by Charlie Sheen. He has also been trying to get his story out about Hollywood pedophilia for decades. Finally in March of 2020 he put out a list of names of Hollywood predators.

12.) Ghislaine Maxwell - You didn't think we weren't going to mention her did you. There are many theories swarming around this hornets nest. Here are a few:

  • She is an Israeli spy? Her father is alleged to have been an Israeli SuperSpy.

  • Since she was arrested, it certainly appears that there are a lot of missing children being found? (39, 25, 8)

  • Is she is spilling the beans on all of the salaciousness amongst the elite? 

13.) Frazzeldrip Video - This one is gross for sure. Allegedly there is a video floating around the dark web of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin cutting the face of a child off during a satanic ritual where they retrieve the pineal gland. It is theorized that this is one of the videos on Anthony Weiner's laptop in the file labeled "Insurance Policy". 

14.) Woody Allen - Uh, this guy raised an adopted asian daughter with his ex wife, and then married the girl when she became legal. Many believe that Allen was grooming the girl from a very young age. P.S. he is still very influential in Hollywood. 

woody allen and wife

15.) Virginia Missing Children Numbers - Strangely, Virginia has more missing children than TX and FL with less than half the population. Do you know what else is in/near Virginia? Washington, DC and the politicians that sacrifice children to Moloch! Allegedly. 

16.) Chester Bennington - Linkin Park front man was on the frontlines exposing a pedophile ring. And then he died by hanging himself. It is said that he found out that his father was John Podesta prior to his death. It is rumored that Podesta had a relationship with Bennington's mother. If Podesta is involved in any activity whatsoever related to child-sex trafficking, could there be any cause for the voice of his estranged son (who might have a score to settle) to be taken out of the way? Look at the photo and tell us if you think they're related...

Is Chester Bennington John Podestas son conspiracy theory

17.) Disney - This one is downright in our faces.

18.) Chrissy Tegan - During the stay-at-home orders during the pandemic, people began to do a little digging into the whole global pedophile ring. Once people found the FBI symbols and terminology, they then realized that as far back as 2013 (some suggest 2009), Chrissy Tegan had been using the terminology publicly on her Twitter account. The tweets were implausible at times, until matched up with the FBI docs.

You probably know what happened next, the internet went after Tegan. They began pointing out all of the strange things she'd said about babies, pizza, hotdogs, etc.

As a result, Tegan proceeded to delete roughly 60,000 of her own tweets. Unfortunately, once it's out there, it's out there. Wayback machine anybody?

19.) Time Travel - Apparently there is a recently released CIA document that indicates that time travel exists (save it before they delete it)... Uh, yeah... gonna stay away from that one (CIA, if you read this, we're just reporting what we heard. Time travel all you want, we're not gonna stop ya. 😳 😬)

20.) "Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey" & "The Last President" Books - This one is weird, but just go with it for a second. Published in 1893 and 1900, author, Ingersoll Lockwood, wrote a series of books that are incredibly similar to the first family of the United States. The general idea, again, is that time travel exists. I know may have lost you there, but just keep reading.

Archived in the library of congress are two books: In the first book a boy named Baron finds a secret portal and time travels. Furthermore, Baron Trump's adventure begins in Russia. The boy is guided by the master of all masters, a man named Don. In the second book, scenes of a panicked NY City are in an uproar in early November (after an election) because an outsider candidate won. Organizers against the winner are lead by anarchists and socialists. The point is then made in the book that the "Fifth Avenue Hotel" will be the first to feel the fury. The winner of the presidency begins to choose his cabinet, and one of the men he picked was a man named Lafe Pence.

I'm not saying, but I'm just saying, this one is weird. **(THIS IS DEFINITELY ONE OF OUR FAVORITES BECAUSE IT'S SO STRANGE)**

21.) Fallen Angels - If the things were are seeing right now are any indication of the way this whole thing works, then what are we to do with the idea of fallen angels from the Old Testament?

Some have suggested that the fallen angels are disembodied beings that were punished/forced to roam the earth without bodies. Considering what we've covered up until this point, I can't help but think that something must be influencing the unGodly behavior laced throughout these conspiracy theories.

Some have even suggested that the government knows what we're dealing with, and that they are attempting to frame aliens as good, enlightened, technology-gift-bearing-light beings that mean us no harm.

But is it possible that they're really just covering up the truth, and we've recently been granted an unprecedented level of access to see the demonic workings that have been going on for years?  

22.) US Propaganda Laws - There are laws in place in the United States right now that permit the media and US Congress to feed propaganda to the American people... legally. 

Is it possible that a significant amount, if not all, of what has happened in 2020 is simply a coverup for something much larger? 

Propaganda is legal in the USA conspiracy theory

23.) New Testament Moments - (not really a conspiracy, more or less a few things to take into consideration) If we are experiencing what many believe to be an awakening, then wouldn't the spiritual realm be of interest, especially since it appears to be of interest by many of those on the dark side? What does one do about the following from the Old & New Testament - we're not going to list them all:

24.) Mandela Effect - The Mandela Effect took the internet by storm last year when people began to remember things that had happened in the past... as they were being reported on the news like they'd just happened.

The main Mandela effect comes from many recalling Nelson Mandela passing away many years ago, and then being shocked to find out that they must have been mistaken as he did not pass until 2013. This theory has been linked to a movie called Shazam & Kazaam with a Genie, Shaq and Sinbad. Apparently Sinbad didn't appear in the movie Shazam like everybody remembers.

25.) Alex Jones - The conspiracy is WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE? Many of the things you will see in this post have been talked about by Alex Jones for many many years. But people have dismissed him; However, as the pandemic worsened, lockdowns tightened, and people had time to do more research, it turned out that much of the information Alex Jones had talked about was readily available on the internet. Unfortunately, Alex Jones was not.

If you recall, last year the media came for Alex Jones. They removed Alex's YouTube channel, and all subsequent channels. They removed him from Spotify, Apple itunes, and most other platforms. Then they took Alex Jones' Pay Pal account down so that he could not collect revenue from selling products on his website.

Now listen, Alex is eccentric, and not everything he says is appropriate; However, when you're one guy, and you have many of the largest companies in the world attempting to silence your voice, my question is why?

26.) Seth Rich - Democrat DNC official that potentially leaked DNC data (data that negatively affected Hillary Clinton). Rich was found dead on July 15th, 2016 in the streets of Washington, DC.

The strange thing is that there is this email that was leaked in the Wiki Leaks files that seem to suggest a hit job???

What you're looking at below is an email where John Podesta makes it clear that he is okay with making an example out of anyone who leaks DNC information... 18 months before Seth Rich's death. 

Someone walked up behind Rich and shot him; The killer didn't take any of his personal belongings. 

leaked John Podesta DNC email on Seth Rich conspiracy

27.) Google Manipulating Search Results - (This one is very important) The case has been made that you will not, and cannot find any of these pieces of information by using Google search engine.

Many believe that Google has taken on an all seeing eye perspective where they believe they are the purveyors and protectors of truth. We've seen many big tech companies in the last decade or so blacklist Conservatives, primarily those opposed to the narrative put out by the mainstream media.

**Allow me to hit a side note really quick that helps to clarify how this happens in other arenas.**

Regarding the unfair and unjust targeting of those with certain ideologies/political leanings/religious perspectives at the hand of those in positions of power, and for the sake of silencing the opposition, we all found out in 2013, in a congressional hearing, from Lois Lerner, then Director of Exempt Organizations at the IRS, that the IRS was delaying & blocking the tax-exempt status' of organizations affiliated with specific religious or political leanings (Christians/Conservatives) until after the 2012 election so that they were unable to be effective in the election.

Having said that, Google also does the same thing except we all use their service to search for truth on the internet. If the people on the backend ideologically believe a thing to be a danger or threat, they block it or bury it in the search results, understanding that we have a very short attention span and won't go beyond the first two or three pages of search results.

Furthermore, we know that the Google algorithm displays different results for different users based on what the company think we want to hear. Basically, if they think we want to hear liberal content, they display liberal results. And if they think we want to hear conservative content, they display conservative results. This was explained in a very telling Ted Talk from May 1st, 2011 that you can see here.

Many have begun to use Duck Duck Go as and alternative search engine as a result. Duck Duck Go boasts of not tracking its users, and many suggest that the search engine returns a more accurate collection of results per the searchers defined terms, not what the company believes to be true or untrue.

May 21st 2011 Ted Talk on Google manipulating search results

28.) Isaac Kappy Suicide - A young Hollywood actor began exposing Hollywood actors as pedophiles on his social media over the course of a couple of years; Kappy specifically called out Tom Hanks, Seth Green, and several others.

During his time of sharing/exposing, people began to suggest that he make the point that he wasn't suicidal. Eventually Kappy made an "I'm not suicidal" video, but three days later he was found dead on the interstate from what they labeled suicide.

Many believe he was murdered for trying to expose what goes on in film and television. 

29.) Joan Rivers Death - A reporter asked Joan Rivers if we'd ever see the first gay president. Rivers turned to the camera and said we already have because we all know Michelle Obama is a transgender (July 3rd or 4th, 2014).

Rivers suddenly died shortly thereafter (September 4th, 2014) during a botched surgery. ??? Uh, say wha? 

30.) Gesara/Nesara - This one is wild. Essentially there is a law already on the books that dismantles the Fed Bank, eliminates the IRS, and gives a BUNCH of money back to the American people.

The claim is that because of predatory/illegal banking practices, all contracts are null and void. Some suggest that all debt will be forgiven (credit cards, student loans, mortgages, etc.)

Then, as far as the money that the banks have been collecting illegally, that money will be paid back to each American (NESARA) in monthly installments available through the fines the banks have to pay. GESARA does the same thing on a global scale.

One of the better explanations on the subject can be found here

31.) UFO Videos - In the last couple years there have been videos released of unidentified flying objects. In July of 2020, a NY Times piece came out that confirmed that there are things the government has possession of that the government also believes to be other-worldly (not from this planet). Unfortunately, the piece flew under the radar. 

Over the last few months, many have seen all kinds of things (lights, etc) in the sky. Many of these things can be dismissed with a bit of research (like the New Jersey UFO that turned out to be a Good Year blimp); However, with the release of the pentagon's confirmed UFO video, specifically the Navy's TIC-TAC video, many are more apt to believe today than they were in recent years. 

On September 9th, 2020, Joe Rogan stated publicly in episode 1534 with comedian Ron White that after several conversations with high level officials, that he believes aliens are here. 

This theory has also been fueled by President Trump's signing of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, which established the Space Force, officially making it the sixth branch of the military.

The framing was such that we needed to protect proprietary data, transmitted through satellites, from getting into the hands of China, which may be true... but for some reason it feels a lot more like Trump is letting us know that he knows something we don't.


32.) Paul Hellyer - Former secretary of Defense for Canada has gone on record stating that the US government is aware of alien life-form, and that the United States government has an ongoing relationship with extraterrestrials to this day.

33.) Bob Lazar - Bob Lazar claims to have been recruited to work out in Area 51 - an extremely confidential military base in the desert. He claims to have seen at least 9 air craft that were not from this world. He claims to have been working on a propulsion system. He has maintained the same story for decades. Very interesting information out there about this guy. One of the more recent interviews is from the Joe Rogan podcast which can be watched here on YouTube.

34.) COVID19 - Ugh. Can we just not talk about this one anymore? We've all been at home watching this crap show. However, this is a popular one so we'll address it.

There are a ton of conspiracy theories revolving around COVID, we could probably write another piece just on that subject alone. One of the more prominent theories that we saw at the beginning of this went as follows:

The sicknesses we see are real, and they are happening because it's really an attack on the respiratory system due to the way 5G MHz interact with the body.

Wuhan, where the virus originated, was the first test city that was fully equipped with 5G.

Some people have suggested that the way 5G interacts with body modifies cells on the molecular level, specifically in those with a lot of metal in their bodies, metal that builds up over time from the food we eat and water we drink. Which is why this has a disproportionate effect on older people.

Furthermore, it seemed very strange that in October of 2019, the Gates Foundation along with John Hopkins put on an event (called Event 201) that laid out a model of exactly what it would look like if a global pandemic were to hit. The details at the event were so eerily similar to what has happened with COVID that John Hopkins had to come out and explain themselves.

There, now that that's done, here's the ridiculousness of it all:

  • You can get on a flight with 150 people for a one hour flight, but you can not go in a church with 150 people for an hour.  
  • if you play on a basketball team, and your athletes touch the basketballs, the balls have to be sanitized and they can't be touched for ten minutes. But you can go in a grocery store and touch all the steaks, chicken, and fish you want and no one ever sanitizes them. 
  • You can go to a day care center and have 14 kids sitting on computers, all distance learning together, but you can't have 14 students sitting inside of a classroom? 
  • If you're a politician, you're apparently immune to covid, if you are not a politician you are not immune and you should enter salons at your own risk. 
  • You can go inside of a restaurant and order a beer, but you can not go to a bar and order that same beer. 
  • You can have outdoor dining at a restaurant, and outdoor workouts at a gym, but you can't have friends over to hangout in your back yard. 
  • If you go into a restaurant to get food, you must be wearing a mask, but you can take it off when you sit down... I suppose COVID only exists at higher levels and never falls below where our heads are while we're standing up? The junk is going on here? 

Furthermore, in the video below, Dr. Fauci, the leading infectious disease MD in the United States, specifically says epidemic outbreaks are not transmitted by asymptomatic people.  

35.) False COVID Positives - Some have pointed out that in the beginning of COVID19, Dr. Birx indicated that there was the potential to have false positives 50% of the time. Many nurses have put out videos of them simply taking the testing swab out of the clean packet and putting them in the tube to send in for testing without ever swabbing anything; if it isn't obvious as to what happens next, they get positive test results back. Furthermore, the following story was recently published by the NY Times regarding the likelihood that many of the positive tests we see shouldn't be considered positive. 

36.) Laurel Canyon - How in the world did all of the hottest artists in the 60's end up in a house in Laurel Canyon California? Many of these artists had parents or family members in the highest levels of US government. Charles Manson, The Mamas & The Papas, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, etcetera.

The theory goes that they were all connected to the CIA, and that they were influenced and built up to a level of greatness through mind control that they might become the face of resistance to the Vietnam War since they were young and attractive. Originally, the resistance to the war was college professors at the time, but they were perceived as lame and needed to be replaced. 

37.) CIA Agent Deathbed Confession - CIA agent, Malcom Howard, confesses on his deathbed that the US government took down building 7 on 9/11 with a controlled demolition.

Snopes reported this story as fake news, but the detractors have suggested that the cabal will do anything to coverup the fact that they pulled off an inside job. 

@Somersetbean Edward Snowden quote on being ruled by criminals

38.) Pharmaceutical Industry - In a Joe Rogan podcast with Chris Kresser in 2017, Chris made the point that doctors are not incentivized to spend time with their patients. You can watch a clip of the podcast where he talks about diabetes here.

In the full interview, Chris suggested that doctors make more money from pushing pharmaceuticals than they do by spending time with patients and diagnosing the real causes of disease. He went on to say that doctors need to see as many patients in a day in order to prescribe as many medications as possible.

If this is true, that means doctors really have no interest in solving our ailments long-term, that they are not concerned with the side effects as much as they are with the checks they collect from pharmaceutical companies.

Is there a way to correct this issue? To connect solving our ailments with a doctors monetary incentive?

Some have suggested that Trump is taking aim right now at the pharmaceutical industry; One example posted recently was how vials of insulin have gone down to $15 per vial from $440 per vial after Trump signed an executive order directed at the pharmaceutical industry... an executive order that the President identified as being something he needed to disappear from the spotlight for just in case there was retaliation from some very powerful people.

Perhaps we are making headway? Perhaps doctors will begin to prescribe gym memberships instead of a pill that can have catastrophic side effects?  

39.) Moon Landing - It never happened. Thats the claim. Nothing else.

40.) Military Tribunals - This one right here... whooo. If this is true, somebody got some explaining to do. The idea is that many of the celebrities that have been engaged in pedophilia, sex trafficking, spirit cookings, and what many have claimed to be treason against the United States, are now either arrested and awaiting trial at GITMO, or they have been offered the opportunity to spill the beans, refused, and therefore have now been executed by choice.

Some are suggesting that this is what the sealed indictments are all about, and that much of the COVID19 requirements are a result of the Trump Administration restricting the travel of these people on purpose so that they can arrest the elite.

Some have also pointed out things such as Jimmy Kimme'ls show being suspended for the summer, Ellen's show being cancelled (after this season), Michelle Obama's pre-recorded DNC speech, and Oprah ceasing all public appearances throughout the rest of 2020 as proof that these people are already in custody or on house arrest/ strict government watch.

As far as how the public continues to see these people on social media, some claim that these are pre-recordings, holograms, or actors in makeup.

They even go so far as to point out the wrinkled flag at John McCains memorial service as being a point of proof because a wrinkled flag indicates that the deceased was a traitor. These same people point to the Freudian slip by John Kasich in an interview when he said that McCain was "put to death".

John McCain funeral image of wrinkled flag conspiracy theory

41.) Sovereign Citizenship - There are videos all over the internet of people claiming that they are not citizens of the United States. That the united Stated is a corporation, and that what is a citizen of the United States is your birth certificate - a piece of paper that the government uses to trade to other countries as collateral for loans. They suggest that the US government commits the potential tax revenue from the birth certificate as proof that the US will pay any monies borrowed. The more birth certificates, the more the US can borrow.

There are some that believe that one can walk away at anytime from being "citizens" of the USA, and that you can claim to be a sovereign citizen since you did not make the choice as a child to engage in the agreement. 

42.) Chemtrails - The thick cloud trails you see in the sky, some think that the government is spraying us with something to dumb down our spiritual aptitude. Some also suggest that the weather is geo-engineered with the chemtrails as well. 

As recently as 2018 it was reported that the government was spraying aluminum and barium over the country. Some Air Force officials have indicated that this may in fact be the cause of many of the wildfires we see across the west coast as well.

Having said that, no one thinks it's okay - in regards to health - to ingest aluminum or barium on any level. 

Furthermore, we know that in the 1950's, predominantly low-income African American communities were sprayed with chemicals by the US military. The military revealed that St. Louis was chosen to be a part of a biological weapons program because the city resembled Russian cities during the height of the Cold War (1947-1991).

Some have noticed that there aren't any chemtrails in the desert, where there aren't any people. Yet, flight patterns certainly fly across the desert. 

Kylie Jenner Chemtrail Conspiracy

43.) Spirit Cooking Hashtag - There is a lady named Marina Abramovic who claims to be a performance artists; However, her imagery is totally satanic. Look it up.

High level musicians, hollywood elite, government officials (yep, John Podesta was emailing her, along with the owner of Comet Ping Pong from one of the conspiracies above) consider her to be a spiritual guide/guru of sorts.

Abramovic has come under fire because she has stated that if her rituals are done  in private that they don't mean anything, but if performed live in front of crowds (such as a Beyonce or Madonna performance at the Super Bowl or an MTV awards ceremony), no matter how subversive the performance is, that the rituals do have power. What kind of power? From who? Satan? 

In the first image you can see that Jay-Z allowed her to go forehead to forehead with him. I'm gonna tell you right now, from what the writings I've read from Abramovic, there is no way on earth that lady would be forehead to forehead with me unless she knows I'm casting out the demons.

In the second image, on the left is Marina's art, and on the right is an image of John Podesta with what appears to be a bandaid over a slit on his left middle finger.

In the third image, you can see from a leaked WikiLeak email that Marina in fact invited Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta, to a spirit cooking dinner and then asked if John was going to attend. 

Marina Abramović spirit cooking conspiracy theory

Marina Abramović Spiriti coooking John Podesta Cut deep into middle left finger conspiracy theory
Marina email to John & Tony Podesta for spirit cooking dinner per WikiLeaks Conspiracy

44.) Banning Worship Services During COVID19 - Is it possible that the way local governments have taken the COVID19 preventative measures to the extreme, specifically regarding places of worship, an indicator that they know the true power we have when we're connected to God and ultimately each other in the context of a relationship with God?

Are they directly attacking the most effective means by which we, collectively, tear down their idols and monuments to their false gods? Or was this simply an organized attack to erode the fundamental right to worship of the American church? 

45.) Bohemian Grove - Alex Jones broke this story with video way back when. Alex snuck into the private event and took video of what is said to be satanic rituals being performed by the highest in global government/leadership/business. Earlier in the year, WikiLeaks dropped all of their files to the public. There is a file with the 2008 invite/attendee list for the event. It would have probably surprised you, but that's probably not the case after reading this.

46.) Flat Earthers - Flat earthers believe that there is precedent in the scriptures for there being a flat earth. (i.e. research flat earth firmament/heavens/sheol)

47.) Out Of Shadows Documentary - Yeah go watch it NOW! It will show you how scandalous the media is in their attempts to keep us in the dark about an elite pedophile ring in Hollywood.

    48.) Sealed US Indictments - For whatever reason, there is a very large number of sealed indictments in the US under President Donald Trump. Some have pointed out that the number is enormous when compared to past presidencies. Some are suggesting that the sealed indictments will be revealed either prior to the election, or in Trump's second term if he wins. The idea is that the indictments hold the names of an elite pedophile ring that the Attorney General and Trump are taking down behind the scenes. 

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      49.) Fall Cabal - Go watch it Now!! 

      50.) Kanye - Uh, everything about Kanye recently seems to be coming from a place where he is trying to reveal something sinister going on behind the scenes. What could it be? And why is it that he has aligned himself with Donald Trump? Furthermore, he seems to have become the target as of late for every person that seemingly aligns themselves with all of the other weird and evil things mentioned in this piece, yet before he began speaking up, he wasn't "crazy" and they were all cool.

      51.) Calcium Buildup In The Brain - For many years it has been suggested that its in the water. And that the "it" that's in the water calcifies the frontal lobe, rendering humanity less sensitive to the supernatural lives that we were designed to engage in. The argument is that the calcium in the water stifles creativity, and lessens one's ability to feel and sense God. Basically, only drink purified water to decalcify your frontal lobe. 

      52.) Trumps Hereditary Monarchy - There are some that believe that Trump will never leave office, and that his children will rise to power after his second term. They go on to suggest that the people are primed for a monarchy because we already hold the opinion that it is okay for some in political power to hold office indefinitely, just not the president.

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      53.) Bill Gates Vaccines - Once the global pandemic hit, and the word vaccines took front and center stage, people began to go back and watch old video footage of Bill Gates. Gates is one of, if not, the largest advocate/investor in vaccines globally.

      Many pointed to the vaccines provided by the Gates foundation in other countries, and realized that the numbers told a very dangerous story - before the Gates vaccines, the number of autism/polio cases were almost nominal, and yet a decade after the Gates vaccines, the autism/polio numbers have increased by almost 400%.

      It turns out that Bill Gates mentioned on several occasions that we could address population control issues through the implementation of vaccines.

      Some have pointed out that Bill's statements, in an interview with Sanjay Gupta on CNN (that has now been deleted), can only be interpreted in one way since Bill was referencing vaccines and population control at the same time... and that is that he aims to inject some form of a sterilization into humans by embedding them into vaccines.

      Whats very strange about this is that every link we've seen where the interview is quoted turns out to now be a broken link since covid hit. We've read the quotes early on in the pandemic, and for some reason they're no longer available on the internet. 

      Basically, Bill views it as altruistic to address what he considers to be over population.  

      “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [population growth rate] by, perhaps 10 or 15 percent”. 

      Bill Gates

      54.) The Great Awakening Hashtag - People make the point that we are all being awakened to higher dimensions. They make the case that we are all being transitioned right now, and the stress and anxiety we're all experiencing can be likened to a sort of labor pain. It's easy to conflate the idea of being #RedPilled and  #TheGreatAwakening because they are somewhat running on parallel tracks. Once you understand that all of these things are, one comes to terms with the idea that all of this isn't "it" so to speak.

      Consciousness has always been one of the topics that science cannot explain. On the quantum level, we are, but are not, but are. Imagine looking under a microscope, what do you see? Organisms popping into and out of existence.

      We've heard a lot about vibrations and awakening to higher levels of consciousness in recent months, but it all seems to be a bit muffled with so many differing opinions on just what that means. Some suggest that there will be the ability to communicate without words, others submit that one can travel without being restricted by the physical limitations of the natural body.

      To be honest, it all sounds a little strange apart from departing from this natural world, leaving behind this shell of a body, and entering into paradise with Christ. 

      55.) CERN - What they were tasked with isn't a conspiracy, what they're actually doing is questionable and many have concerns.

      Located in Geneva, Switzerland (weird already), CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN was charged with creating microscopic black holes that would allow physicists to detect extra dimensions.

      The way they do this is with the/a Hadron Collider. It may not come as a surprise that many have argued that the organization could accidentally create a black hole that would destroy the whole world.

      There are some that even suggest that the device is opening portals to Hell. Watch the very fascinating video below. 


      56.) Project Blue Beam - In 1994, Serge Monast, released a book detailing how NASA along with the United Nations will try to create a new religion with the Anti-Christ at the helm by fabricating the second coming of Jesus Christ. He suggested that they will do this with a projected image in the sky that the world will see.

      57.) Eternity - Having said what we said about consciousness, where does eternity come into play? If we are our consciousness alone, where does that go when we die? Has anybody ever spoken about life after death? If so, did the claim maker seem worthy of being heard?

      Well, we can think of at least one who did - Jesus Christ. Considering He made some pretty definitive claims about what it takes to see the Kingdom of Heaven, be with God in paradise, and have eternal life, Jesus' life and words might be a great place to start researching the subject.

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      58.) No Rapture, Suffering Will Ensue - The idea that Christians will not have to suffer permeates the modern church. This idea suggests that there will be a rapture that calls the Saints to be with God prior to all Hell breaking loose on the earth.

      Although, some have suggested that the church will not in fact be raptured because the scriptures do not specifically say so.

      What the scriptures say is the one (the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ) who now restrains (evil from prevailing) needs to be taken out of the way prior to the anti-christ revealing himself, which could mean that Christians are simply put in concentration-like camps.

      The only way this could happen is if the case is made that Christians are the most dangerous thing going regarding the safety of all of humanity.

      At this point, the Christian community is essentially viewed as non-violent when compared to radical Muslims or any other violent religious organization like Satanists (which supports Antifa, BLM). 

      But if Christians were to resist being vaccinated, would they not be deemed a threat? Would they not at that point be targeted for putting the world in danger? Would it then be reasonable that Christians should be isolated? (Since it's all about the health of humanity of course).

      59.) The Great Falling Away - Having considered everything we've shared in this piece, some think that the revelation of such things will send people into a tailspin. They believe that when the Messiah returns, that many will be shocked at what was supposed to be done and wasn't. The idea is that many will at that point walk away from God either because they are offended by the truth of what will be revealed, or because they perceive God to be delayed in His rescuing of the Christians.

      All we know right now is that there will most certainly be one thing we will not be able to do in Heaven, and that is share the Gospel - The Good News that Jesus died once for all sins, and that we have access to the Father right now and forever if we put our trust in Christ.

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      60.) Your Conspiracy Theory - We did a great deal of research for this post, and have several more conspiracy theories that we could post, but we figured that you may want to add your two cents. The sixtieth conspiracy theory is whatever you post below in the comments. What are you aware of that we didn't mention here? Light'em up Saints!

      If you know of any resources that you would like to share with the readers of this piece, please feel free to reach out to

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